ADDit Concept Tool - Innovation based on Additive Manufacturing

Additive Manufacturing, colloquially also called 3D-printing, are relatively new manufacturing technologies. Currently, various Additive Manufacturing processes exist for a large number of materials, ranging from plastics to metal alloys. The main advantage of these technologies is the high freedom of shaping mechanical structures. Improvements in performance, lightweight design and reduction of the amount of single parts can be achieved by optimal design. Production by Additive Manufacturing is yet relative expensive and is so far mainly applied to produce special single components. In order to boost these young technologies, the approach towards industrial product development has to be further established.

With the Focus-Project ADDit Concept Tool we show the potentials of this future technology to manufacture industrial products. As an illustrative example we developed a battery driven hammer drill consisting mainly of additive manufactured components. Based on this tool we clarify the application and the advantages of Additive Manufacturing. The idea of the Concept Tool origins from Concept Cars, where not series production is in the focus, but the feasibility of new technologies.

Focus Project

The Focus Projects of ETH Zurich, a world leading technical university in Switzerland, offer students the unique possibility to practically apply the complete industrial product development process. Starting from the first inspiration students run through conception, draft, design, simulation and production of a final prototype.

We acquired the additionally required knowledge by self-study, parallel attention of lectures and dialogue with experts from the industry, coaches and professors.

The results of the projects are presented to the public every year at the Focus Project Roll-out at ETH Zurich. In the video on the left you find our roll-out presentation (German).