Concept Tool

Concept Tool in Action

Elektronic Level

Projected Laser Line to position several holes at the same height. LEDs in the Suction Base give feedback whether the line is horizontal.


Inner Workings

Removed half shell of the Outer Case allows a peek on the Cooling, parts of the Suction System and the electronics with the two PCBs.

Cooling and Bearing Structure

Cooling and Bearing Structure (in this picture the Titanium version) are the core of the Concept Tool: The Cooling bears the electric motor and the Bearing Structure bears the gear and absorbs all the forces of the hammer drilling process.

Bearing Structure

Bearing Structure (Titanium Version) with inserted gear.

Bearing Structure

Assembled Bearing Structure (Titanium version) without gear, consisting of a half shell and three small components.

Bearing Structure: Half shell

Only the half shell of the Bearing Structure (Aluminium version).

Bearing Structure: Development

Development of the Bearing Structure. From the first FDM Prototype until the final part.

Suction Base

Left: Photo of the actual part made of PA 12 with Selective Laser Sintering (SLS).

Right: Visualisation of the integrated airflow channels (blue) and cable channels (green).

Iris Diaphragm

This mechanism consists of four movable parts (visualised in blue). The Suction Base is produced as one single part, including the Iris Diaphragm mechanism, and requires no assembly.


Aluminium Cooling with integrated helical cooling fins for an optimal heat transfer.


The LiPo Battery is stored in a PA 12 case. Thanks to a magnetic locking mechanism the Battery Case can be very easily attached to the machine.

Battery: Magnetic Lock

FDM Prototype of the Magnetic Lock for the Battery Case. The sled containing the two magnets is directly integrated in the Battery Case. The only assembly effort left is to stick in the two magnets.

Snap Lock

Example of an additive manufactured Snap Lock to significantly reduce assembling effort. Inside the Concept Tool there are a lot of directly integrated locking mechanisms.

Outer Case: Front

The Selection Wheel (black) is directly integrated into the case and produced as one part. On the right there is a visualisation of the cross section of the Selection Wheel.

Centrifugal Fan

The Centrifugal Fan is mounted directly on the shaft of the electric motor. It produces the required airflow for the Suction System and the Cooling.