1st Iteration

1st Iteration. Includes only the core functions and works without outer case thanks to the Bearing Structure.

Bearing Structure

First Version of Bearing Structure with mounted gear.

Cooling and Bearing Structure

Bottom: Aluminium Cooling for the electric motor. Top: Aluminium Bearing Structure consisting of three separate parts.

Suction System

Sectional view of the heart of the Suction System: Centrifugal fan and cyclonic filter system.

Suction Base

Rendering of the Suction Base. With a directly integrated locking mechanism the Suction Base can be clamped to the tool (on the black spikes).

Entire System

Rendering of the 1st Iteration. Sectional view on the cooling and filtering system allows insight on the functionality.

Production Aluminium parts

Aluminium parts of the 1st Iteration after production, still in the powder bed of the machine. Produced with Selective Laser Melting (SLM) at 3D Precision SA.

Production Aluminium parts

Aluminium parts of the first iteration still on the building platform after taking it out of the machine.