2nd Iteration

Fully functional, finished prototype of the 2nd Iteration. As SLS parts have a porous surface, the originally white prototype absorbed a lot of dust during testing. To prevent that from happening SLS parts can be infiltrated with clear paint to close the pores.

Rendering of 2nd Iteration

Frontal view of the 2nd Iteration.

Exploded view

Rendering of the single case parts as exploded view.

Filter System

Sectional view of the Filter System. In the middle a cyclonic separator to separate the dust particles from the airflow and collecting all the dirt in the removable container at the bottom. A plug prevents the dust from falling back into the cyclonic separator when the machine is held upside down. On top there is a final filter to remove the fine dust.


Bearing Structure

Exploded view of the single components of the Bearing Structure. For assembly the gear gets positioned in the half shell (big part) and then fixed with the small components.


Sectional view of the cooling of the electric motor with the helical cooling fins for an optimal cooling performance.


Centrifugal Fan

Sectional view of the Centrifugal Fan used to generate the required airflow for Suction System and Cooling.



Assembly of the 2nd Prototype (On this picture still with a plastic prototype of the Cooling).

Production of Aluminium Parts

Aluminium parts of the 2nd Iteration right after taking them out of the production machine. They are still on the building platform and the support material has not yet been removed. Produced with Selective Laser Melting (SLM) at 3D Precision SA.