Roll-out Presentation (German)

Recording of the public Focus Project Roll-out presentation at ETH Zurich (May 2015)

Quick explanation of the main functions

Short video of the Concept Tool in action explaining the most important functions

Project Description (German)

Description of the ADDit Concept Tool Project

Additive Manufacturing of the Aluminium parts

Short overview over the production of additive manufactured metall parts with Selective Laser Melting (SLM). Production of the Aluminium components of the Concept Tools at our main sponsors company, the 3D Precision SA.

Concept Tool in Action (German)

Demonstration of the functions of the Concept Tool by hangig up a frame horizontally:

  • Integrated vacuum cleaning of the drill dust
  • Easy drilling of several holes at the same height, thanks to a laser line and electronical spirit level
  • Setable borehole depth, at which the machine stops automatically
  • Setable torque levels for screwing

Interior of Concept Tool (German)

Explanation of the detailed solutions and innovations with the disasembled Concept Tool